Skingenix, Inc., a leader in dermal regeneration technologies specializing in the research and development of multi-compound products, is located in Southern California. As an innovative and mission-driven company, Skingenix pursues a standard of excellence in the regenerative medical industry with an emphasis on developing organ in situ regenerative products for improving human health and quality of life. The Company has completed a Phase II randomized and controlled multicenter clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of their investigational product in patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers in the USA and currently engaged in further development of their investigational product (MW-III).

Our Vision

Worldwide recognition and application of organ in situ regeneration in pursuit for the realization of the best quality of life, longer lifespan, and a healthy future. The Company is dedicated to achieving this vision by combining its earned proprietary technologies and formulation of essential multi-compound products for excellent medical solutions.

Our Mission

To provide innovative regenerative technologies on preventing, alleviating, and curing human diseases with continuing development of multi-compound products that are safe, effective, and naturally regenerative in situ. Skingenix’s ultimate goals are to improve the quality of human life through the harmony of nature and science, benefit humanity, and deliver outstanding multi-compound products into the market.